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5-Hit Combo (伍連撃) is a Special Move used by Teen Gohan.


Gohan dashes forward and performs a charging kick. If it connects, up to four extra attacks can be performed by inputting Input L.png or Input M.png for up to four additional hits. This move comes in three different variants:

The Input L.png variant has Gohan travel roughly 40% of the screen and all follow-up attacks will keep the opponent on the ground.

The Input M.png variant has Gohan travel about 80% of the screen. Has more startup compared to the L version, but has less recovery frames and the attack is active for a longer time period. All follow-up attacks will carry the opponent into the air.

The Input H.png variant has Gohan nearly travel the same distance as the Input M.png variant. However, on hit, Gohan automatically performs all follow-up kicks. This causes a true wall bounce, and a Super Dash follow-up can be made from anywhere on the screen.



Gohan (Teen)'s Special Move List
Special Move(s) Super Dragon Flight5-Hit ComboFlying Kick
Super Attack(s) Motionless Kamehameha
Meteor Attack(s) Father-Son KamehamehaFather-Son Kamehameha (Full Power)