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Attack Dialogues

Super Attacks

Line Situation
Hell Flash
"Exterminating." Startup
"It's over."

Match Dialogues

Team Dialogues

An asterisk (*) means there's two different lines associated with that character.

Line Situation
Assist Call
"Help!" Generic
"Your mission."
"Goku!" calling Goku (*)
"Vegeta!" calling Vegeta (*)
"Piccolo!" calling Piccolo
"Gohan!" calling Gohan (*)
"Frieza!" calling Frieza
"Trunks!" calling Trunks
"Cell!" calling Cell
"18!" calling Android 18
"Krillin!" calling Krillin
"Nappa!" calling Nappa
"Yamcha!" calling Yamcha
"Tien!" calling Tien
Z Assist
"Assisting!" Generic
Z Assist (Follow-Up Attack)
"Got this." Generic
"A very unexpected ally." helping out Goku
"Now! Both of you!" helping out Android 18
Tag In (Ally Health ≥ 25%)
"I may be able to offer some help here." Generic
"Run as far as you can, 18..." swapping with Android 18
"The time to use my power is at hand." swapping with Gohan
Tag In (Ally Health < 25%)
"Stop!" Generic
Tag Out (Own Health ≥ 25%)
"Switch with me." Generic
"This is bad..." swapping with Android 18
Tag Out (Own Health < 25%)
"Be careful." Generic
"I'll keep you two safe." swapping with Android 18

Match Reset

Line Situation
"That's enough." Generic
"Your plans end with me."
"I will...destroy you!" vs. Goku
"I will destroy you for good!" vs. Cell
"Do not oppose me!" vs. Android 18
"I will complete my mission." vs. Goku (SSGSS) / Goku (Ultra Instinct)
"My mission remains..." vs. Goku Black
"I will stop you!" vs. Android 21


Line Situation
"I summon you, Shenron!" Summoning Shenron
"Grant my wish." "Give me the ultimate power!"
"That function is useless to me." "Make me immortal!"
"Restore my body's strength." "Restore my health!"
"Revive my comrade." "Bring back my ally!"

Miscellaneous Dialogues

Character Selection

"I have to at least try..."
"It looks like I have to fight..."
"The time has come."


Line Situation
"It looks like I have to fight..." Generic
"The time has come to fight. Even before I meet Goku."
"Goku...I was built to destroy you!" vs. Goku (Super Saiyan) / Goku (GT) / Goku (Ultra Instinct)
"Vegeta... I'll offer you no mercy if you oppose me." vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
"Piccolo... You've grown stronger, but still not strong enough to defeat me." vs. Piccolo
"Let all of your energy loose." vs. Gohan (Teen)
"There is no crime for fighting for what is right."
"Trunks... You are not yet capable of defeating me." vs. Trunks
"I have to at least try..." vs. Cell
"I will destroy you."
"Here's some familiar faces..." vs. Android 18
"You two...?"
"Such incredible power." vs. Gotenks
"I still owe you my thanks, Krillin." vs. Krillin
"Gohan... It seems you've grown." vs. Gohan (Adult)
"You finally beat Cell."
"In his current state. My power radar cannot read Goku." vs. Goku (SSGSS)
"That's odd... I cannot detect Vegeta's power." vs. Vegeta (SSGSS)
"He matches my data for Goku, but..." vs. Goku Black
"It's time for me...to end your plans!" vs. Android 21
"So it appears... that it is just you and me."
"Goku... He matches older data..." vs. Goku
"That energy level is lower than the data says it should be." vs. Vegeta
"This energy exceeds my estimates..." vs. Broly


Line Situation
"Obstacle eliminated." Generic
"This level of power was created to destroy Goku."
"My power radar is picking up something... Goku still lives." vs. Goku (Super Saiyan)
"My purpose has been fulfilled."
"The simulations were accurate." vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
"You may be as strong as 17, but you cannot defeat me." vs. Piccolo
"That's not everything... There's more power inside you." vs. Gohan (Teen)
"I told you before... You cannot defeat me." vs. Trunks
"You won't absorb anyone ever again." vs. Cell
"Your plan is at its end."
"I'm sorry, but I have to go through you." vs. Android 18
"You...are a good person." vs. Krillin
"Thank you for defending nature and her creatures." vs. Gohan (Adult)
"My mission to destroy you remains." vs. Goku (SSGSS) / Goku (Ultra Instinct)
"My power radar cannot read all types of energy..." vs. Vegeta (SSGSS)
"Mission complete." vs. Goku Black
"I understand, but your methods..." vs. Android 21
"My mission has been completed"
"I will still destroy you." vs. Goku
"Vegeta... If you wish to live, you better stay out of my way." vs. Vegeta
"It seems you have some business with Goku as well..." vs. Broly

Results Screen

Line Situation
"I'm sorry, but my ability is greater than yours." Generic
"My power was made to protect that which is precious."
"Relax. I do not take life for granted."
"Sorry, but I cannot allow myself to be dismantled yet."
"You made so much noise that the birds flew away."
"Super Saiyan...That power is certainly in a class of its own." If Goku (Super Saiyan) is on the team
"Gohan, discard your mercy, just like you did during the Cell Games." If Gohan (Teen) is on the team
"Cell! Why are you aiding me!?" If Cell is on the team
"Be careful...both of you... Your friendship means a lot to me." If Android 18 is on the team
"Krillin. I'm deeper in your debt...Thanks, as always." If Krillin is on the team
"Your teamwork was quite impressive." If Tien is on the team
"You're a friend. Don't take too many chances." If Android 21 is on the team
"Destroy Goku. That was Dr. Gero's order." If Goku is on the team


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