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Frame Data

Match Dialogues


Line Situation
"Knock it off!" Generic
"Now you've really pissed me off!"
"Keep your hands off me!" vs. Cell
"There's no way I'm losing to you!"
"Just try to keep up!" vs. Krillin
"Not too shabby, Krillin!"
"This is for real, 16!" vs. Android 16
"You and me! No holding back!"
"I've had enough of you!" vs. Gotenks
"You kids need to learn some manners!"

Team Dialogues

An asterisk (*) means there's two different lines associated with that character.

Line Situation
Assist Call
"Give it a shot." Generic
"Show me your stuff."
"Goku!" calling Goku
"Goku! Over here!"
"Come here, Vegeta!" calling Vegeta
"Piccolo!" calling Piccolo
"Gohan!" calling Gohan
"Trunks!" calling Trunks
"Cell!" calling Cell
"Come on, kids!" calling Gotenks
"Krillin!" calling Krillin (*)
"Buu!" calling Kid Buu / Majin Buu
"16!" calling Android 16 (*)
"Yamcha!" calling Yamcha
"Tien!" calling Tien
"Hit!" calling Hit
"Beerus!" calling Beerus
"Here you go, Jiren!" calling Jiren
"Now, Videl!" calling Videl
"Get out of here, Kefla!" calling Kefla
"Don't let me down, old man!" calling Master Roshi
"Old man!"
Z Assist
"I heard you already!" Generic
"If things get ugly, run!" helping out Krillin
"Allow me!" helping out Android 16
Z Assist (Follow-Up Attack)
"I want in on this." Generic
"Follow my lead, kids." helping out Gotenks
"Together, Krillin!" helping out Krillin
"With me, 16!" helping out Android 16
Tag In (Ally Health ≥ 25%)
"No, take your time." Generic
"I'm going in. swapping with Krillin
"Stand back, 16." swapping with Android 16
Tag In (Ally Health < 25%)
"Damn. I wasn't expecting power like that." Generic
"Watch yourself, Krillin." swapping with Krillin
"16, be careful!" swapping with Android 16
Tag Out (Own Health ≥ 25%)
"You're up." Generic
"Goku, your turn!" swapping with Goku
"Vegeta, get in here!" swapping with Vegeta
Tag Out (Own Health < 25%)
"Don't expect any 'thanks' from me." Generic
"This is your problem now." swapping with Gotenks
"My hero." swapping with Krillin
"Right on time!" swapping with Android 16

Match Reset

Line Situation
"I need to finish this fast!" Generic
"Should I take it from here?"
"That's the spirit!" vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
"Cell? I thought you were dead!" vs. Cell
"Oh, it's you two." vs. Gotenks
"This is not good!"
"Well this is a surprise." vs. Krillin
"That face takes me back." vs. Android 16
"You're my opponent?"
"Get ready!" vs. Android 21


Line Situation
"I summon you, Shenron!" Summoning Shenron
"Can you do me a favor?" "Give me the ultimate power!"
"Come on. You know what a woman wants, right?" "Make me immortal!"
"Give me a recharge." "Restore my health!"
"Are you sure you don't want to stay dead?" "Bring back my ally!"

Miscellaneous Dialogues

Character Selection

"A smart choice, as always."
"Just hurry it up, dummy."
"Just what I wanted to do."


Line Situation
"Bring it on!" Generic
"Fine, I'll take care of this."
"Is this really the time to be fighting me?" vs. Goku (Super Saiyan)
"Is it time for a rematch?" vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
"I hear you defeated Cell for us." vs. Gohan (Teen)
"So, you killed Krillin a long time ago?" vs. Frieza
"It's been a while, Trunks." vs. Trunks
"What was I like in your world?"
"I consider this to be a bit of revenge!" vs. Cell
"What's your business with us now?"
"Looks like we can finally finish our tournament fight." vs. Gotenks
"You two are in need of some harsh discipline!"
"I guess I can give you some pointers." vs. Krillin
"You haven't gotten rusty on me, have you?"
"Don't you dare turn me into chocolate again, okay?" vs. Kid Buu
"What are you gonna turn me into this time?" vs. Majin Buu
"Long time, no see...16." vs. Android 16
"You were...alive all this time?"
"This guy isn't even a fighter anymore." vs. Yamcha
"How are my favorite scholar's studies coming along?" vs. Gohan (Adult)
"I'd appreciate if you took it easy on me." vs. Goku (SSGSS)
"Vegeta, you never grow up!" vs. Vegeta (SSGSS)
"Oh? That's a familiar face..." vs. Goku Black
"21? Doesn't ring a bell." vs. Android 21
"Another android? Give me a break."
"You're looking better than usual today." vs. Vegeta
"Wait, why am I the one who has to go up against a freak like you?!" vs. Jiren
"Heh heh. You two make one heck of a cute couple." vs. Videl
"Is that really you, Goku? I thought you were Goten..." vs. Goku (GT)
"Look at you. You Saiyans are a real hot-blooded bunch, aren't you?" vs. Kefla
"Hold up. You're not actually gonna fight me at full power, are you?" vs. Goku (Ultra Instinct)


Line Situation
"I don't see what all the fuss is about." Generic
"How about going home for once?" vs. Goku (Super Saiyan) / Goku
"Tch, another outfit ruined." vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
"That was a repeat in more ways than one!"
"Did you really beat Cell like that?" vs. Gohan (Teen)
"You have to pay with interest for what you did to Krillin!" vs. Frieza
"You won't get another chance to kill Krillin!"
"Go away. You annoy me." vs. Captain Ginyu / Nappa / Yamcha / Tien
"I'm not impressed...with you or my future self." vs. Trunks
"I'm not the same as the one you encountered!"
"You don't need me if you have that form, right?" vs. Cell
"You're not absorbing me again!"
"Quit clowning around already!" vs. Gotenks
"You kids... You're a real headache!"
"I have higher expectations of you than that!" vs. Krillin
"What's with that look! I didn't fall in love with a sniveling coward!"
"I don't want to play with you ever again." vs. Kid Buu / Hit / Broly / Zamasu (Fused)
"A diet like that would turn anyone into a massive blob." vs. Majin Buu
"Hey...you held back, didn't you?" vs. Android 16
"Sorry, 16! Looks like I win this one!"
"Have you been spending too much time reading books?" vs. Gohan (Adult)
"Give me a break! This was too easy..." vs. Goku (SSGSS)
"You should've told me you weren't holding back!"
"I'd be feeling blue too." vs. Vegeta (SSGSS)
"I guess you aren't who I thought you were." vs. Goku Black
"Are you...a mother too?" vs. Android 21
"Dr. Gero was always a clever one..."
"No Super Saiyan this time? You deserved that beating." vs. Vegeta
"Sounds like you've gone through a lot, but maybe try trusting other people just a little." vs. Jiren
"Gohan! Why'd you let your girlfriend get her butt beaten?" vs. Videl
"Kid on the outside, but still the same goofy adult on the inside..." vs. Goku (GT)
"You've got spirit, but seriously, dial it down a few notches." vs. Kefla
"And that's the last time I'm fighting YOU!" vs. Goku (Ultra Instinct)
"Huh. I guess you actually CAN fight, old man." vs. Master Roshi


Line Situation
"Seriously... This isn't funny..." K.O.

Results Screen

Line Situation
"If you drag me into a fight, you're gonna pay a hefty price." Generic
"Is that really it? I was expecting a little more fun."
"So, you finally understand who's stronger? Moron."
"Wow, that was almost impressive. Can we take the kids gloves off next time, then?"
"You knew you'd lose, but you challenged me anyway. That curiosity is gonna get you killed."
"You really do look like your having fun. Fighting with you almost makes me feel like a kid." Allied with Goku (Super Saiyan)
"So you wanna settle our old score? Nah... Heh heh, I'm just kidding." Allied with Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
"You have the power of Kami, even if you aren't at all like him." Allied with Piccolo
"I'm not the same as my future self. I'll help you out a bit, if I can." Allied with Trunks
"You'll never absorb us with that kind of performance." Allied with Cell
"Not bad, runts. Not bad." Allied with Gotenks
"Krillin is the man I married. He won't leave me just because of a little scrap." Allied with Krillin
"I never thought we'd have to fight together. Thanks for the help, 16." Allied with Android 16
"Don't expect any gratitude out of me. You just want to eat, don't you?" Allied with Android 21
"You're such a brat, 17." Allied with Android 17
"I knew I could count on you, Jiren. You're strong, but it's a real shame you're kind of a pain to deal with." Allied with Jiren
"Me and your dad are kind of in business together, so I let you help me out free of charge this time." Allied with Videl
"You're small now, but I guess you're just as strong as you've always been. Good. I don't have to babysit you." Allied with Goku (GT)
"You know, you're the first female Saiyan I've ever seen. You're definitely how I pictured one would look." Allied with Kefla
"You still can't get enough of this, can you, Goku? Always the meathead, looking to fight anyone he can." Allied with Goku (Ultra Instinct)
"I'm actually kind of impressed, old man. I just wish you weren't such a pervert..." Allied with Master Roshi


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