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Arcade (アーケード Ākēdo) is a game mode in which the player fights against a series of computer-controlled opponents.


The mode basically plays out in a board game-like layout, with the player's main objective is reaching the goal spot at the end. The player starts out on the bottom path and can advance to a different path depending on how well they did in the previous battle. Achieving an S or A rank will rise them up the upper path, achieving a B or C rank takes them to the right path, and obtaining a D rank drops them down the bottom path.

Course Layout

There is a total of three different courses that can be challenged in this mode. The first course is the Snake Way Course which is a short and easy course with a total of three battles. The second course is the Extreme Gravity Chamber Course, a moderate course with a total of five battle. The third and last course is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course, a long and difficult course that has a total of seven battles. On each course, the strength of the enemy team will change depending on how well the player performs from the previous fight, with the bottom spots featuring easy opponents and the top spots racking with tough, formidable opponents. Clearing each course the first time will unlock a harder version of the course that was cleared. The harder courses have the same layout, but the enemy team have multiple buffs applied to them that such dealing immense damage from combos, reacting quickly against most attacks thrown at them, and building up their Ki Meter at an much higher rate.

Version 1.17 adds three additional courses which is a random variant of the first three courses.

Course Layout and Enemy Teams

Full layout of the Snake Way Course.

Tile Team Name Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Opponent 3 Normal Stage Hard Stage
A1 The Three Great Super Saiyans Goku (Super Saiyan) Vegeta (Super Saiyan) Trunks Rocky Field (Noon) Rocky Field (Evening)
A2 Frieza's Ambition Frieza Nappa Captain Ginyu Planet Namek
A3 Majin Buu and the Grim Reaper of Justice Majin Buu Gotenks Kid Buu Islands
B2 The Cell Games Cell Goku (Super Saiyan) Gohan (Teen) Wasteland
B3 Gunning for Goku Hit Frieza Android 16 West City (Destroyed)
C2 Tournament of Power Participants 1 Vegeta (SSGSS) Krillin Android 18 Space Land of the Kai's
C3 Tournament of Power Participants 2 Goku (SSGSS) Tien Piccolo Wasteland Cavern
D3 The Prince and his Provocateurs Beerus Frieza Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
E3 A Majin, a God, and a Wolf Goku Black Kid Buu Cell Land of the Kai's Cell Games Arena

Full layout of the Extreme Gravity Spaceship.

Tile Team Name Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Opponent 3 Normal Stage Hard Stage
A1 Defiant in the Face of Despair Trunks Gohan (Adult) Android 18 West City (Destroyed) Cell Games Arena
A2 King Kai's Trainees Piccolo Tien Yamcha
A3 Aces up their Sleeve Frieza Gohan (Adult) Krillin
A4 Grudge Against Gero Yamcha Android 18 Trunks
A5 Volleyball Club Gotenks Tien Piccolo
B2 Super Saiyan Bargain Sale Gohan (Teen) Trunks Gotenks Rocky Field (Evening) World Tournament Arena
B3 Cue Balls Nappa Tien Krillin
B4 Buu Brawlers Gohan (Adult) Gotenks Piccolo
B5 The Bruisers Captain Ginyu Hit Beerus
C3 Dr. Gero's Creations Cell Android 18 Android 16 West City West City (Destroyed)
C4 Proud Warrior Race Vegeta (Super Saiyan) Nappa Goku (Super Saiyan) Wasteland
C5 Nature Lovers Android 16 Gohan (Teen) Krillin Planet Namek (Destroyed)
D4 Fight in the Land of the Kais Kid Buu Majin Buu Goku (Super Saiyan) Land of the Kai's Space
D5 Temporal Troublemakers Hit Captain Ginyu Goku Black Cavern
E5 Kakarot is Number One! Goku (Super Saiyan) Goku (SSGSS) Goku Black World Tournament Arena Land of the Kai's

Full layout of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Tile Team Name Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Opponent 3 Normal Stage Hard Stage
A1 Sharp-tongued Saiyans Vegeta (Super Saiyan) Gohan (Teen) Gotenks Islands Cavern
A2 Student and Masters Piccolo Gohan (Teen) Goku (Super Saiyan)
A3 The 25th World Tournament Android 18 Gotenks Gohan (Adult)
A4 Potential, Perfection, and Programming Gohan (Adult) Cell Android 16
A5 Team Players Tien Captain Ginyu Android 18
A6 Team Heartthrobs Trunks Yamcha Android 18
A7 Pupils of the Great Turtle School Krillin Yamcha Goku (Super Saiyan)
B2 Unlikely Allies Yamcha Tien Nappa Rocky Field (Noon) Rocky Field (Evening)
B3 Ginyu Force Hopeful Captain Ginyu Gohan (Adult) Gotenks
B4 Pint-Sized Powerhouses Gohan (Teen) Gotenks Krillin
B5 Intergalactic Cue Balls Hit Frieza Piccolo
B6 Talkative Toughies Gotenks Cell Goku Black
B7 Resurrection F Frieza Vegeta (SSGSS) Goku (SSGSS)
C3 Alternate Future Androids Trunks Android 18 Krillin West City Wasteland
C4 Augmented Attackers Majin Buu Kid Buu Cell West City (Destroyed) Land of the Kai's
C5 Armed and Dangerous Kid Buu Majin Buu Piccolo Land of the Kai's
C6 Universe 7 Meets Universe 6 Goku (SSGSS) Vegeta (SSGSS) Hit Space
C7 Attack of the Saiyans Nappa Vegeta (Super Saiyan) Goku Black Rocky Field (Evening)
D4 Planetary Threats Cell Frieza Kid Buu Planet Namek Planet Namek (Destroyed)
D5 The Strong Silent Types Android 16 Tien Hit West City (Destroyed)
D6 Defenders of the Future Vegeta (SSGSS) Goku (SSGSS) Trunks West City (Destroyed) Wasteland
D7 Godly Trinity Beerus Goku Black Piccolo Planet Namek (Destroyed)
E5 The Strongest Z Warriors Goku (Super Saiyan) Vegeta (Super Saiyan) Gohan (Adult) Cell Games Arena World Tournament Arena
E6 Universal Threats Goku Black Hit Frieza Space Land of the Kai's
E7 Those Who Rival the Gods Goku (SSGSS) Vegeta (SSGSS) Beerus Cavern Space

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