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Go away. You annoy me.
—Android 18

Back Grapple (グラップバック) is a Special Move used by Android 18.


This move is a command grab where Android 18 reaches out and grab the foe. On a successful grab, 18 will throw the opponent. The function of the throw depends on the input used to initiate the geab.

The Input L.png variant has the shortest range and starts up quickly. 18 will throw the opponent to the ground and steps on them.

The Input M.png variant has a little bit longer range but starts up a little bit slower. 18 throws the foe behind her and calls in Android 17, who will smack them to the ground.

The Input H.png variant functions similarly to the Input M.png, except Android 17 instead kicks the opponent up into the air.



Android 18's Special Move List
Special Move(s) Back GrappleSupport AttackDestructo-DiscBarrier
Super Attack(s) Energy Wave
Meteor Attack(s) Accel Dance