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Attack Dialogues

Super Attack

Line Type
Beerus Ball
"Impressive." Generic
"You gave it your best shot."
Beerus Ball of Destruction
"Bye bye." Generic
"You did well."

Meteor Attack

Line Type
God of Destruction's Judgement
"Now then..." Startup
"Don't get too cocky." Generic
"Feels like I'm a little carried away."
"Destruction!" When Goku Black / Zamasu (Fused)'s HP is lower

Match Dialogues


Line Situation
"I suppose I'll get a little serious now!" Generic
"Watch it!"

Team Dialogues

An asterisk (*) detonates that character has two different lines.

Line Situation
Assist Call
"Don't let me down." Generic
"I'm counting on you!"
"Goku!" calling Goku
"Over here, Goku!"
"Get out here, Vegeta!" calling Vegeta
"Piccolo!" calling Piccolo
"Frieza!" calling Frieza (*)
"Trunks!" calling Trunks
"18!" calling Android 18 (*)
"Baldy!" calling Krillin
"Majin Buu!" calling Kid Buu
"Buu!" calling Majin Buu
"Tien!" calling Tien (*)
"Gohan!" calling Gohan (Adult)
"Goku's boy!"
"Hit!" calling Hit
"Black!" calling Goku Black
"17!" calling Android 17 (*)
"Jiren!" calling Jiren (*)
"Kefla!" calling Kefla (*)
"Old man!" calling Master Roshi
"Today, old man!"
Z Assist
"Count me in!" Generic
Z Assist (Follow-Up Attack)
"I suppose it's time we bring an end to this." Generic
Tag In (Ally Health ≥ 25%)
"Very well, then." Generic
Tag In (Ally Health < 25%)
"Do not disappoint me." Generic
"You wouldn't happen to be holding back, would you?" swapping with Goku
"Just how many of you are bald?" swapping with Krillin / Tien / Master Roshi
Tag Out (Own Health ≥ 25%)
"It's your turn." Generic
"I'm counting on you, Goku." swapping with Goku
Tag Out (Own Health < 25%)
"Just do whatever you can." Generic
"Excellent. Just as expected of my errand boy." swapping with Vegeta

Match Reset

Line Situation
"I can handle you on my own." Generic
"You'll be fighting me now."
"I feel like your stupidity's going to rub off on me." vs. Goku (Super Saiyan)
"I'm a kind and generous god." vs. Majin Buu
"I wouldn't be too confident..." vs. Goku Black


Line Situation
"I summon you, Shenron!" Summoning Shenron
"Grant me my wish right this instant!" "Give me the ultimate power!"
"I'm not really interested, but if you're offering I might as well accept." "Make me immortal!"
"I'm a little tired. Heal me!" "Restore my health!"
"Revive that one." "Bring back my ally!"

Miscellaneous Dialogues

Character Selection

"Before creation comes destruction."
"Shall we get started?"
"Very well, give me your best shot."


Line Situation
"I guess I'll destroy you now..." Generic
"Well then, whenever you're ready."
"Try to give me a real challenge." vs. Goku (Super Saiyan)
"Alright, lets see if all your extra training has paid off!" vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
"As a former god yourself, you should know how pointless this fight is." vs. Piccolo
"Pure rage won't be enough to best me." vs. Gohan (Teen)
"Fine, I'll play with you! Come at me!" vs. Frieza
"You've gotten considerably stronger..."
"I'll train you myself." vs. Trunks
"You understand that a Majin cannot hope to defeat a God of Destruction, right?" vs. Kid Buu
"I still haven't forgiven you for not sharing your pudding with me!" vs. Majin Buu
"Hmph... Your latent power seems promising..." vs. Gohan (Adult)
"Curse that Champa! I didn't expect him to have an ace hidden up his sleeve!" vs. Hit
"Show me that you're more than just some pawn in a game."
"In honor of pushing yourself this far, allow me to show you my power as a sign of respect..." vs. Goku (SSGSS)
"You've gotten a bit stronger, haven't you, Vegeta?" vs. Vegeta (SSGSS)
"I lost considerable clout as a god because of you..." vs. Goku Black
"Hurry up and become a Super Saiyan God." vs. Goku
"Vegeta... Something's not right about you..." vs. Vegeta
"So you're the legendary Super Saiyan. This might prove a bit interesting." vs. Broly
"Instead of the Supreme Kai, try your hand at defeating me this time." vs. Zamasu (Fused)
"Release all of your power! I want this to be fun." vs. Vegito (SSGSS)
"Hmm... You might warrant a little bit of effort." vs. Jiren
"Goku...? Trouble always seems to find you, doesn't it?" vs. Goku (GT)
"So you've fused... This should be entertaining." vs. Gogeta
"You're a Saiyan as well, aren't you? Do not disappoint me." vs. Broly (DBS)
"Did Champa put you up to this? He is such a pain..." vs. Kefla
"I don't intend to go easy on you this time." vs. Goku (Ultra Instinct)
"This is the perfect chance to test out your Ultra Instinct!"
"Roshi, is it? You're out of your depth, don't you think?" vs. Master Roshi


Line Situation
"I was expecting more of a fight. How disappointing!" Generic
"I wonder if I took it too far..."
"*sigh*...I suppose that was somewhat entertaining..." vs. Goku (Super Saiyan)
"Time to destroy the Earth as promised."
"You have a long way to go before you're much fun for me." vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
"Hmph... That held my attention for a bit." vs. Piccolo
"Try again sometime." vs. Gohan (Teen)
"I have no interest in what you do with this planet." vs. Frieza
"I too have things to do..." vs. Captain Ginyu / Android 18 / Krillin / Nappa / Android 16 / Yamcha / Tien
"You shouldn't change history so recklessly..." vs. Trunks
"My, my... I can't believe the Supreme Kais struggled to handle something like you." vs. Kid Buu
"I have very little patience for those who lack respect..." vs. Majin Buu
"I have to say I'm rather disappointed. You seemed to have some potential..." vs. Gohan (Adult)
"Tell Champa if this is the best he's got, then he's never going to beat me!" vs. Hit
"So this means there will be no need for Monaka to fight then..." vs. Goku (SSGSS)
"You've got a bad habit of letting your guard down..."
"That actually might have been more enjoyable than last time...!" vs. Vegeta (SSGSS)
"Don't take it personally... Destruction is my job, after all." vs. Goku Black
"Prepare to be destroyed immediately, Zamasu..."
"I wonder how your father King Vegeta is doing..." vs. Vegeta
"This brute lacks manners... This is why I detest Saiyans." vs. Broly / Bardock
"Something happened in the future...and now it's having an effect on the present..." vs. Zamasu (Fused)
"You're done tarnishing the reputation of the gods..."
"Phew! You've actually exhausted me a bit..." vs. Vegito (SSGSS) / Gogeta
"That fusion of yours have gone up to your heads. You're still no match for me."
"Hmph... I haven't had that much fun in a long time." vs. Jiren
"I heard your strength rivals the gods... People say the most absurd things, don't they?"
"I fail to see the change. You've always been a bit of a child from my perspective." vs. Goku (GT)
"We'll continue this when you're older... I'm kidding!"
"Very impressive. You've got some potential." vs. Broly (DBS)
"Well, you Saiyans certainly aren't dull, that's for sure."
"Hmph. The Saiyans in my universe are far stronger than this!" vs. Kefla
"Now you realize that power's not so easy to master." vs. Goku (Ultra Instinct)
"You know, I still find myself surprised by how much you improve."
"You have a rather fascinating way of fighting, old man." vs. Master Roshi


Line Situation
"You've gotten a lot better." Down
"I don't feel like fighting anymore..." K.O.

Results Screen

Line Situation
"All this fighting has made me hungry. Whis! What's for dinner?" Generic
"As expected. There's no way I would lose."
"I held too much of my power in reserve... Maybe I'll release a bit more next time."
"I'll admit you're a bit better than I thought."
"Surely you knew that would happen if you challenged a God of Destruction."
"You say you want to fight at my side, and yet you didn't release your full power. Why is that?" Allied with Goku (Super Saiyan)
"Rather than assist me in battle, I would prefer if you got Bulma to prepare some post-workout sweets." Allied with Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
"Did you join me in an attempt to suck up? If so, then you wasted your time." Allied with Frieza
"Do not think that you helping me this one time means that I've forgiven you for the pudding incident!" Allied with Majin Buu
"So you're the legendary assassin from Universe 6... You have some skill, I'll grant you that." Allied with Hit
"You're still no match for me. But I least I got to see the results of your training." Allied with Goku (SSGSS)
"It seems you've made considerable progress. Keep it up, Vegeta." Allied with Vegeta (SSGSS)
"The legendary Super Saiyan, you say? And what does the legendary Super Saiyan have to gain by joining me?" Allied with Broly
"Your strength rivals that of the gods. I expect great things from you, Jiren." Allied with Jiren
"Your fusion has given you quite a bit of energy. Maybe I'll sit back and let you two do the heavy lifting next time." Allied with Vegito (SSGSS) / Gogeta
"I grow tired of your blatant disregard for the natural laws of this universe..." Allied with Goku (GT)
"You're a Saiyan... Perhaps you can provide me some entertainment, then." Allied with Broly (DBS)
"You're beginning to give me a headache, Kefla! Didn't Champa ever teach you to shut up?!" Allied with Kelfa
"It's only a matter of time before you master that power. I might actually need to start paying attention in our fights." Allied with Goku (Ultra Instinct)
"You gave it your all. I have a newfound respect for you, Roshi." Allied with Master Roshi


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