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Bulma (ブルマ, Buruma) is one of the main protagonists of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode, even though she is not a combatant.

She is an NPC during story mode, and a playable character in the form of a lobby avatar which can be obtained by random drop in a Z-Capsule bought from the store with Zeni.

Story Mode Biography

While Bulma is not a combatant, she is shown prominently through the entire game. After waking up the player, trapped inside Goku's body, she finds out quickly that Goku is not himself. After an encounter with Beerus and Whis, who refuse to help the cast in dispersing the power suppressing waves, she creates an aircraft, spherical in shape, that has the power to neutralize the waves as long as the person being effected remains inside. However, it does not allow the person to utilize their energy, as it is only able to cancel out the waves to a point where a person can move their body of their own free will. Bulma herself is not affected very much by the waves, as they have a stronger effect the stronger the target. The highest power level Bulma has ever been stated to have, however, is a mere 16. (Quite strong for an average human, actually! In the first episode of Dragon Ball, Goku was pitted at a measly 10!) She is the main scientific mind behind the story, and is the key supporter that allows the cast of fighters to get from one place to another.


  • Dragon Ball FighterZ is the last piece of Dragon Ball media to feature the Hiromi Tsuru as the Japanese voice actress for Bulma. Hiromi Tsuru tragically passed away at the age of 57 on November 16, 2017 due to an Aortic Dissection.
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