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Captain Ginyu, of the Ginyu Force, has arrived!
—Character Select Menu

Captin Ginyu (ギニュー隊長, Ginyū) is a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


Captain Ginyu, Recoome, Guldo, Burter, and Jeice make up the Ginyu Force, Frieza's most elite (and most eccentric) soldiers. Be not fooled by their perchant for dramatic poses, for each member of the Ginyu Force is a dangerous one-man army unto himself. However, they would be defeated by Goku and Vegeta, with Ginyu left as the last surviving member of the troupe after his soul wound up trapped in a Namekian frog.

Gameplay Synopsis

Captain Ginyu is an extremely unpredictable, lethal, and viable combatant. Without the help of the Ginyu Force members, Captain Ginyu isn't very strong at all, as he is slower than most characters, has one decent special move, and one relatively poor level one super attack. But when you use the Ginyu Force assists he automatically becomes extremely lethal, and he is able to completely overwhelm his opponents with four extra helping hands. It is best to constantly use Ginyu Force assists to keep the pressure on your foe, and have an unrelenting assault. It is always best to use the Ginyu Force assists, then get your opponent in a combo, so if you fail and your opponent gets you in a combo, they'll get immediately attacked by the Ginyu Force members. Ginyu can attack his opponents from both directions at the same time by coupling some of the Ginyu Force assists with a Z-Vanish. And if your opponent manages to lower your health drastically Ginyu isn't out, as you can find an opening and perform a Body Change, instantly turning the tables.

Story Mode Biography

Ginyu gets revived with the Dragon Balls along with other former villains by Android 21. Ginyu through unknown means made it back to his Namek saga body and has joined back with Frieza after being freed from The Waves influence.

Move set

Special Moves

  • Strong Jersey: Rams his opponent with his body. This is Ginyu's Z Assist.
  • Together We Are...the Ginyu Force!: Ginyu calls a member of the Ginyu Force to perform a technique. Launches a different technique depending on the Ginyu Force member called. There are eleven variations.

Super Attacks

  • Powerful Energy Wave: Fires an energy wave in front of him. The wave is more powerful if the button is held down, but it will require more ki.
  • Body Change: Switches Ginyu's body with the body of your opponent, gaining their health, and skills. If the button is held, Ginyu takes damage on himself before firing. Requires 3 Ki meters.
  • Together we are... the Ginyu Force!: Introduced in Season 3, and requires 3 Ki meters as well. Just as Ginyu rushes towards his opponent successfully, he summons all members of Ginyu Force to perform an All-Out Attack. After Ginyu perform the finishing move, the Ginyu Force perform their infamous fighting pose.


  • Through the use Recoome Eraser Gun and proper timing an infinite combo could have been achieved allowing the player to decimate an entire fighter with full health in a single combo. This bug has since been fixed.
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