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Chiaotzu (餃子, Chaozu) is a character appearing in Dragon Ball FighterZ as an assist character for Tien.


Chiaotzu and Tien were initially rivals to Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha as they were students of the Crane School. After seeing the wicked ways of the Crane School, both martial artists changed their alliance to Goku and his friends, resulting in becoming very close friends to Goku and co. along with being valuable allies. During the Saiyan invasion, Chaiotzu sacrificed his life in the fight against Nappa, but failed to defeat the mighty Saiyan. He eventually get revived by the Namekian Dragon Balls and now travels the world and trains alongside Tien.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ

Chiaotzu assists Tien in battle by using his telekinesis abilities to freeze the opponent in place, giving Tien a window of opportunity to strike. However, his abilities fails on every third use, resulting in Tien becoming wide open for a counterattack.

There's another move performed by Chiaotzu, Farewell, Tien..., where he appears behind the opponent and latches onto their back before self-destructing. An important note is that Chaiotzu's telekinesis abilities will no longer be available in Tien for the remainder of the match.

Chaiotzu makes a brief cameo at Tien's battle entrance as he pops up form the corner of the screen.


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