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Death Breaker is one of Cooler's special moves. It is an uppercut of the knee, which can be followed up with a smack back towards the ground. By default, this move is bound to quarter-circle back (214) and light, medium, or heavy attack. This attack can be performed on the air or on the ground.

Initial Hit

The light version of this attack travels the shortest distance and does the least damage. It is invincible to all forms of aerial attacks. The medium version starts up slower, does more damage and is fully invincible to all forms of attack (except super attacks). While it does more damage, keep in mind that as it is a fully invincible move, it causes a great amount of damage scaling. When used in the middle of a combo, the light version may net more damage. The heavy version goes through all attacks and costs half a ki meter. It travels the farthest, does the most damage, and starts up quite quickly.

The medium starting hit of this move is Cooler's Z-Assist.


After successfully striking the foe, the light, medium, or heavy attack buttons can be pressed again to follow up with another attack. The light version will knock the foe behind Cooler, while the medium version will knock the foe in front of Cooler. The heavy version costs a ki meter and causes Cooler to automatically, once again, perform a follow up. This time it is a version of Death Chaser. If the heavy version was used to start the attack, then Cooler will do 2 dive kicks instead of one.

Technical Information