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You're through!
—Piccolo when using the move

Demon Elbow (裏魔肘) is a Special Move used by Piccolo.


Piccolo moves behind the opponent and attacks with an elbow ram. This move comes in three different variations:

The Input L.png variant has Piccolo move a short distance forward.

The Input M.png variant has Piccolo move nearly fullscreen. Deals more damage and causes a sliding knockdown on hit, but contains more startup lag.

The Input H.png variant functions similarly to the Input M.png variant, but Piccolo instead appears in front of the opponent to attack. It deals more damage along with being the fastest variant.



Piccolo's Special Move List
Normal Attack(s) Demon Shocker
Special Move(s) Demon ElbowDemon SlicerHoming Energy Blast
Super Attack(s) Special Beam CannonHellzone Grenade
Meteor Attack(s) Light Grenade