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Dodon Ray is one of Tien's special moves. By default it is bound to quarter-circle forward and special attack. Tien will quickly fire a yellow, thin beam from his fingers that will travel across the screen very quickly. This move starts up a noticeable amount quicker than other beam attacks. Unlike other beam attacks, such as the Kamehameha, the Dodon Ray deals damage in one hit and causes the foe to be 'popped up' in the air slightly. This move can be used in the air. This move is Tien's Z-Assist.


  • The Dodon Ray was originally invented by Tien's old master, Mercenary Tao.
  • In Dragon Ball, Master Roshi stated that the Dodon Ray was in every way superior to the Kamehameha and would beat it out every time. This was due to it being quicker to charge and being a more concentrated beam of energy. However, this move will clash evenly with any beam attack, including the Kamehameha.