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Dragon Flash Kick (閃光龍神脚) is a Special Move used by Goku (SSGSS)


Performs a downward diagonal dive kick. The attack remains active until Goku lands on the ground.

The Input L.png variant reels slightly back before attacking.

The Input M.png variant dive kick is slightly stronger and causes sliding knockdown on Smash hit at the cost of having more startup.

The Input H.png variant kicks has less startup. On hit, Goku follows the opponent down to the ground before doing a quick side-switching 2-hit combo. Has a Smash on the last hit and causes sliding knockdown.


If you use the M variant, you can cause a knockdown and follow up with either super.


Goku (SSGSS)'s Special Move List
Special Move(s) Divine Void StrikeSuper God Shock FlashDragon Flash KickInstant Transmission
Super Attack(s) Extreme Speed Kamehameha
Meteor Attack(s) x10 Kaioken KamehamehaEvolved Attack