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Dragon Flurry Fist (龍連撃) is a Special Move used by Goku (GT).


Goku performs a charging punch followed by a shockwave blast. The shockwave won't come out if the first hit misses or is guarded.

The Input L.png variant shockwave does not consume Smash on hit.

The Input M.png variant move has more range and is a rush attack that causes a wallbounce if a Smash hasn't been consumed. However, the move has more start-up lag.

The Input H.png variant contains less start-up than the Input M.png variant and travels slightly further. The rush attack is now a barrage of shockwave blasts that's a guaranteed wallbounce if a Smash hasn't been consumed.



Goku (GT)'s Special Move List
Special Move(s) Dragon Flurry FistDragon Flash Fist (GT Goku)KamehamehaReverse Kamehameha
Super Attack(s) Super Kamehameha (GT Goku)
Meteor Attack(s) Dragon Fist ExplosionSuper Ultra Spirit Bomb