Dragon Ball FighterZ Wiki

The Dragon Rush is a universal mechanic that can be performed by all combatants in Dragon Ball FighterZ. To perform a Dragon Rush simply press R1 (L+M). The user will dash forward a short distance, a green, soft ring of light appearing around them. If the attack connects, they will pummel the opponent with a lightning fast barrage of attacks before knocking them away.

This attack cannot be blocked, as it is a throw. Attacking a foe using a Dragon Rush or having both parties using a Dragon Rush collide will cause the fighters to have a short cinematic clash of quick attacks. When used to start a combo, the final hit will send the foe skywards, and the user will automatically Super Dash after them. When used at any other point, the final hit will knock the foe to the ground if in the air, and to the wall if on the ground. Using the Dragon Rush directly after performing a Vanish Attack in the air will always cause the attack to connect. However, only one use of the Dragon Rush can be used in a combo. The second attempt will always miss. Holding down the input during the attack will cause the attack to be prolonged, up to 31 hits, for a little bit extra damage. Perhaps the most useful feature is this: by pressing an assist button during this attack, it will force the opponent to tag out to the corresponding character.


  • Following up Dragon Rush in the middle of a combo is a feat only a few characters can do without assists. Some examples include Android 21 and Broly.