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Energy Charge is a technique that every character in Dragon Ball FighterZ can perform. To perform an energy charge, hold Input S.png and Input L.png down simultaneously. The user will stand in place and yell as they raise their power level, their aura bursting out from their body. Doing this will cause the Ki Gauge to fill. The longer this technique is performed, the faster the gauge will fill. This can only be done on the ground, and leaves the user wide open to attack, so be cautious when attempting this. Certain attacks that hold the foe in place for a long time (Such as Hellzone Grenade or Blades of Judgement) will cause performing this action to make the gauge fill very slowly while the opponent is stunned. All basic ki blast projectiles will be deflected during Energy Charge, and it can be canceled into a Super Dash.

Ki in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Ki is a term used to refer to a person's life force. The energy of their spirit and body, that without it, a person would die. Every living thing has it. Training to increase the capacity of one's ki allows them to reach inhuman levels of strength, speed, and skill. In Dragon Ball FighterZ, it is also an essential resource to have. The meter at the bottom of the screen shows how much Ki the player has. It can be filled by performing an Energy Charge, dealing damage to the foe, or taking damage from the foe. Once the meter is filled, it will reset, and the number to the side of the Gauge will increase. This is to show the player has a full meter of Ki. A player can have up to seven meters at once. Ki is used for many critical actions in the game, such as:

As of the recently released Season 3, all heavy variants of moves only cost half a gauge to use. All pages may not be updated yet, please keep that in mind if they say it costs a full meter. Even better, please consider editing it to be correct.