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Excellent Full Course is one of Android 21's level three super attacks. By default, this move will be bound to quarter-circle (214) and R1 or R2 (L+M / S + H). This move can only be used in the air. Attempting to use this move on the ground will instead perform Sweet Tooth.

Android 21 will reel back with a menacing look on her face. She will fly forward across the screen at incredible speeds. If she hits the foe, she will whiz past them multiple times, hitting them on each pass, carrying the foe into the air. She then will drop the opponent into the ground before firing a massive blast at them at point blank range from one hand, the other being used for support. This move does not switch sides.


This attack does a significant amount of damage more than Sweet Tooth. Therefore, it is the optimal choice for ending certain combos. This move can connect off of either aerial variant of Connoisseur Cut if used immediately.