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God Slicer is one of Goku Black's special moves. By default it is bound to Input 236.png and any one of Input L.png, Input M.png or Input H.png. Goku Black will fly forward, with a ki blade on one hand, with said arm stretched out. As he flies across the screen, he will shoot small projectiles at a high rate of fire. It finishes when Black makes contact with the enemy, stabbing them with his hand.

The light variant starts up quickest and does the least damage. It shoots the least amount of projectiles. The medium variant starts up quite a bit slower, does more damage and shoots more projectiles. It causes a slide-out knockdown. The heavy variant costs a half ki meter, starts up quickly, does the most damage, and shoots the most projectiles. It will always cause a slide-out knockdown regardless of the conditions.

Technical Information