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God of Destruction's Rampage (破壊神の猛攻) is a Special Move used by Beerus.


Beerus jumps forward, does a lunging punch to the ground, then jumps back. Leaves Beerus in the air afterwards, allowing him to follow-up with an air attack.

The Input L.png variant version travels 10% of the screen.

The Input M.png variant version travels 50% of the screen. Deals more damage along with causing a sliding knockdown on hit. However, there's more startup and Beerus will leap past the opponent if he's too close to them.

The Input H.png variant version tracks the opponent's current position while the airborne version covers slightly more horizontal distance than the Input M.png variant. Deals more damage than the Input M.png variant.



Beerus's Special Move List
Special Move(s) Sphere of DestructionGod of Destruction's RampageSpheres of DestructionGod of Destruction's Wrath
Super Attack(s) Beerus BallBeerus Ball of Destruction
Meteor Attack(s) God of Destruction's Judgement