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This article is about an adult life of Gohan's appearance as a playable character. For Gohan's teen life, click here. To check out the adult life's character that's an assist character for Videl, click here.

I wonder if you have what it takes to fight me...
—Pre-Battle Generic Dialogue

Gohan (Adult) (孫悟飯(青年期), Son Gohan (Seinenki)) is a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


After the battle with Cell, Son Gohan grew into a kind young man and a brilliant scholar. After the intense struggle against Kid Buu, he went on to marry his high school sweetheart, Videl. They would produce a daughter named Pan after the Beerus Saga in Dragon Ball Super. Gohan's incredible potential still shines through his kindly demeanor, and when push comes to shove, he's still one of the strongest fighters in all the multiverse.

Gameplay Synopsis

Gohan is quite good at dealing damage and breaking through shields when his opponent is in the corner, due to his Potential Unleashed mechanic. At the cost of ki, Gohan can increase his speed and damage quite a lot. However, Gohan consumes a lot of meter to power up, so making the decision to power up or save on ki is vital to playing as him. Some people like using him as a sort of last stand because of this, as there's not much you can use ki on when the rest of your team is defeated.

Move List

Special Moves

Super Attacks

Dramatic Finishers

Broly Is My Concern: If Broly is the opponent's last fighter and Gohan (Adult) performs a Heavy Attack or Vanish Attack on him, Broly will fire his Omega Blaster. Goten then appears and the brothers both perform a Kamehameha. At first, they're struggling to push the giant green energy ball back, but Goku appears and tells them "Don't give up now." Goku then turns into a Super Saiyan, and fires his Kamehameha, turning the Bros. Kamehameha into a Family Kamehameha. The Omega Blaster explodes, and Broly is sent into the sun and explodes, but not before yelling "KAKAROT!" Gohan, Goten, and Goku then give each other a fist bump as the victory screen appears.

While this doesn't have Trunks throwing an energy ball that prevents Broly adding more power to the Omega Blaster, this scene is nearly identical to the beam struggle shown in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming.


  • If Gohan uses Bros. Kamehameha while Goku (Super Saiyan) is on his team, the Meteor Move will instead be Family Kamehameha.
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