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This article is about a teen life of Gohan's appearance as a playable character. For Gohan's adult life, click here. To check out the adult life's character that's an assist character for Videl, click here.

Please... I... I don't want to fight... I don't want to kill... no matter how evil you are.
—One of Gohan (Teen)'s fighter select quotes

Gohan is the first born of Son Goku and Chichi. Two different versions of him exist as playable characters. This article is about the teenage Gohan. From early childhood, Son Gohan has shown moments of incredible fighting potential. When he was just five years old (four in some sources) he managed to nearly fatally wound his uncle, Raditz, who at the time was around 4 times stronger than Goku. At age 6 he was a critical player in the Earth's defense against Nappa and Vegeta, and later took a valiant stand against the Ginyu Force and Frieza. 4 years later, when Androids 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 attack, he is once again on the front lines, but is unable to do anything to the mechanical threats. However, things grow worse as Cell arrives and obtains his perfect form due to Vegeta's pride getting the better of him. Goku tries his best to take down the bio-android, however, he realizes he is outmatched and throws the fight. Cell threatens to destroy Earth, but Goku states that there is another fighter to challenge him. To everybody else's horror, and Cell's disappointment, Goku chooses his 11 year old son to take his place. At first everybody's worst fears come to light when Goku gives Cell a Senzu Bean to wear off the bio-android's exhaustion from the previous fight. Though most of the fight is evenly matched, sometime after Cell brings out the Cell Juniors, Gohan does nothing but watch his dad and friends suffer, and is at the end of his rope. Eventually, however, after the sacrifice of Android 16, he is able to let go of his restraints and push himself beyond his limits... and reaches Super Saiyan 2. 

Gameplay Synopsis

Gohan has some of the highest damage output and meter gain in the entire game, however, he is restrained by his poor neutral game, limited moveset, and short ranged normal attacks. However, applied correctly Gohan can end a fight with speed no other character can even begin to fathom.

Move List

Special Moves

Super Attacks


Story Mode

Gohan (Teen) does not appear in story mode, as the Gohan present is Gohan (Adult)

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