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This page is about Goku as he appears in Dragon Ball GT. For Goku in his Super Saiyan form, click here. For Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form, click here. For Goku in his base form, click here. For Goku in his Ultra Instinct state, click here.

I'm Goku, Son Goku!
—Character Selection Quote

Goku (GT) (孫悟空 (GT), Son Gokū (GT)) is an alternate version of Goku who appears in the Dragon Ball GT series. He is a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ as the third downloadable fighter of FighterZ Pass 2 and was released on May 9th, 2019, which is officially known as Goku Day in Japan.


This incarnation of Goku appears as the main protagonist in Dragon Ball GT. Thanks to an accidental wish from his old arch-nemesis Pilaf using the Black Star Dragon Balls, Goku gets reverted back into a kid. To make matters even worse, the planet that the balls were used in will explode if all seven of them were not collected within a year. With the Black Star Dragon Balls now scattered across the cosmos, Goku teams up with his granddaughter Pan and Trunks and journeys across this grand universe to recover them.

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  • Goku (GT), Broly (DBS), and Goku (Ultra Instinct) are the only characters whose announcer voice clip comes from another character. In Goku's case, the voice clip comes from his Super Saiyan alternate self.
  • Goku (GT) is the second version of Goku to be added via DLC. The first being the version of Goku from Dragon Ball Z in his base form.
  • Goku (GT) is based off Dragon Ball GT, but also incorporates elements, namely the Power Pole, from his appearance in the original Dragon Ball series.
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