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No one, and I mean NO ONE, hurts my friends!
—Character selection quote

Goku (Ultra Instinct) (孫悟空 (身勝手の極意), Son Gokū (Migatte no Goku'i)) is a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ. He was revealed alongside Kefla on February 9 2020 as the second fighter from Fighterz Pass 3. Ultra Instinct Goku was released on May 22, 2020.


Pushed to his limits during the Tournament of Power, Goku tapped into the powerful mental state of Ultra Instinct in order to compete against and even overpower the titanic foe, Jiren. Through repeated use, Goku manages to complete the form, allowing him to lead his Universe in standing a chance against Jiren. With his mind and body separated, he became agile enough to swiftly evade incoming attacks while fighting purely on instinct alone. The form would short out before Goku could knock Jiren off the stage, but ultimately, he won the confrontation and had done enough damage to Jiren so that he and the rest of the Universe 7 team could win the tournament.

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  • Goku (Ultra Instinct), Goku (GT), Goku, Goku (SSGSS), and Broly (DBS) are the only characters whose announcer voice clip comes from another character. Like his GT, base form, and Super Saiyan Blue counterparts, the voice clip comes from his Super Saiyan form.
  • Goku (Ultra Instinct) is the third version of Goku to be added via DLC.
  • Goku (Ultra Instinct) has an infamous win pose used by Akuma from Capcom’s Street Fighter.
  • Goku (Ultra Instinct) has the most Special Moves out of any other fighter in the game, tied with Master Roshi.
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