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Attack Dialogues

Meteor Attack

Line Situation
Silver Dragon Flash
"You're gonna pay!" Generic (startup)
"This is everything I've got."
"You're finished!" Generic

Match Dialogues

Sparking Blast

Line Situation
"This ends now!" Generic
"This is everything!"
"Try to keep up, Vegeta." vs. Vegeta
"Here I come, Piccolo!" vs. Piccolo
"Get ready, Gohan!" vs. Gohan
"You're finished, Frieza!" vs. Frieza
"Let's go. Trunks!" vs. Trunks
"The fight starts now, 18!" vs. Android 18
"Ready Gotenks?" vs. Gotenks
"Let's do this, Krillin!" vs. Krillin
"Here I come, Buu!" vs. Majin Buu
"Get ready, Yamcha!" vs. Yamcha
"Let's do this, Tien Shinhan!" vs. Tien
"This is it, Hit!" vs. Hit
"Here I come, Lord Beerus!" vs. Beerus
"It's on, 17!" vs. Android 17
"Everyone's counting on me..." vs. Jiren
"Get ready, Videl!" vs. Videl
"Get ready, Broly!" vs. Broly (DBS)
"It's on, Kefla!" vs. Kefla
"Here goes, Master Roshi!" vs. Master Roshi

Team Dialogues

An asterisk (*) detonates that there's two different lines associated in that situation.

Line Situation
Assist Call
"Now." Generic
"Take over."
"Vegeta" calling Vegeta (*)
"Piccolo." calling Piccolo (*)
"Gohan." calling Gohan (*)
"Frieza." calling Frieza (*)
"Captain Ginyu." calling Captain Ginyu
"Trunks." calling Trunks (*)
"Cell." calling Cell (*)
"18." calling Android 18 (*)
"Gotenks." calling Gotenks (*)
"Krillin." calling Krillin (*)
"Buu." calling Kid Buu (*) / Majin Buu (*)
"Nappa." calling Nappa (*)
"16." calling Android 16 (*)
"Yamcha." calling Yamcha (*)
"Tien." calling Tien
"Tien Shinhan."
"Hit." calling Hit (*)
"Lord Beerus." calling Beerus (*)
"Black." calling Goku Black (*)
"Broly." calling Broly (*)
"Zamasu." calling Zamasu (Fused) (*)
"17." calling Android 17 (*)
"Cooler." calling Cooler (*)
"Jiren." calling Jiren (*)
"Videl." calling Videl (*)
"Kefla." calling Kefla (*)
"Roshi!" calling Master Roshi (*)
Z Assist
"I'm here." Generic
Z Assist (Follow-Up Attack)
"This is the power of trust." Generic
Tag In (Ally Health ≥ 25%)
"It's my turn." Generic
Tag In (Ally Health < 25%)
"I've got this." Generic
"Vegeta!" swapping with Vegeta
"Get back, Piccolo." swapping with Piccolo
"Get back, Gohan." swapping with Gohan
"Get outta the way, Frieza." swapping with Frieza
"I've got this, Trunks." swapping with Trunks
"Get outta here, 18." swapping with Android 18
"You alright Gotenks?" swapping with Gotenks
"Leave this to me, Krillin." swapping with Krillin
"I'll help you, Buu." swapping with Majin Buu
"Don't be a hero, Yamcha." swapping with Yamcha
"You did all you could, Tien." swapping with Tien
"Hang in there, Hit." swapping with Hit
"Let me do this, Lord Beerus." swapping with Beerus
"17, you still alive?" swapping with Android 17
"Don't die on me, Jiren." swapping with Jiren
"Don't hurt yourself, Videl." swapping with Videl
"You okay Broly?" swapping with Broly (DBS)
"Kelfa, take a break." swapping with Kefla
"Hang in there, Master Roshi!" swapping with Master Roshi
Tag Out (Own Health ≥ 25%)
"Switch in." Generic
"It's your turn, Vegeta." swapping with Vegeta
"You've got this, Piccolo." swapping with Piccolo
"Your turn, Gohan." swapping with Gohan
"Get out here, Frieza." swapping with Frieza
"You're up, Trunks." swapping with Trunks
"Help me out, 18." swapping with Android 18
"Your turn, kids." swapping with Gotenks
"You've got this, Krillin." swapping with Krillin
"Now, Buu." swapping with Majin Buu
"You've got this, Yamcha." swapping with Yamcha
"Help me out, Tien." swapping with Tien
"It's your turn, Hit." swapping with Hit
"Your turn, Lord Beerus." swapping with Beerus
"It's your turn, 17." swapping with Android 17
"I'm counting on you, Jiren." swapping with Jiren
"Take over, Videl." swapping with Videl
"Your turn, Broly." swapping with Broly (DBS)
"You're up, Kefla" swapping with Kefla
"Take over, Master Roshi!" swapping with Master Roshi
Tag Out (Own Health < 25%)
"Thanks." Generic

Match Reset

Line Situation
"I have to do this...for everyone." Generic
"This fight's far from over."
"I'm fighting you now, Vegeta." vs. Vegeta
"Hope you're not expecting me to hold back." vs. Piccolo / Trunks / Android 18 / Gotenks / Krillin / Majin Buu / Yamcha / Tien / Videl / Master Roshi
"Make this count, Gohan." vs. Gohan
"It's me and you now, Frieza." vs. Frieza
"Try and stop me!" vs. Frieza / Captain Ginyu / Cell / Kid Buu / Nappa / Cooler
"Let's do this, Hit. Fight me." vs. Hit
"I'm not gonna make this easy for you, Lord Beerus." vs. Beerus
"17, it's on." vs. Android 17
"Jiren, I'm gonna finish this." vs. Jiren
"Jiren... Fight's not over yet."
"Broly, let's do this." vs. Broly (DBS)
"Bring it on...Kefla." vs. Kefla
"Master Roshi, it's my turn to fight you." vs. Master Roshi


Line Situation
"I summon you, Shenron!" Summoning Shenron
"I need your help, Shenron." "Give me the ultimate power!"
"I wanna keep fighting forever." "Make me immortal!"
"I need my health to be fully restored." "Restore my health!"
"Bring back my teammate, Shenron." "Bring back my ally!"


Character Selection

"I can't give in now. Everyone's counting on me."
"No one, and I mean NO ONE, hurts my friends!"
"You know... I think I'm finally getting the hang of this Ultra Instinct."


Line Situation
"I'm ready when you are." Generic
"You don't stand a chance against me."
"You wanted me at full power, right, Vegeta?" vs. Vegeta
"Let's see how you handle Ultra Instinct..." vs. Piccolo / Trunks / Android 18 / Gotenks / Krillin / Majin Buu / Yamcha / Tien / Videl
"Alright, Gohan. You'd better not hold back." vs. Gohan
"Let's see you try to kill me now, Frieza." vs. Frieza
"Hit! We're gonna settle this here and now." vs. Hit
"Lord Beerus, help me test out this power." vs. Beerus
"17, Show me what you've got." vs. Android 17
"Jiren! We're finishing this right now!" vs. Jiren
"Jiren... I'm not gonna let you win!"
"With Ultra Instinct, I should be able to take you on my own..." vs. Broly (DBS)
"Kefla! Let's make this a good one." vs. Kefla
"Master Roshi. Your student's come a really long way." vs. Master Roshi


Line Situation
"This here's the power of Ultra Instinct." Generic
"What's wrong? Is that all you've got?"
"I know you're a lot stronger than this, Vegeta." vs. Vegeta
"I think I'm finally getting the hang of this power now." vs. Piccolo / Trunks / Android 18 / Gotenks / Krillin / Majin Buu / Yamcha / Tien / Videl
"We're gonna keep getting stronger, me and you." vs. Gohan
"You're a great training partner, Frieza." vs. Frieza
"Hit... Promise me we'll fight again sometime." vs. Hit
"The gap between us is getting smaller and smaller." vs. Beerus
"Thanks a lot, Android 17. You helped me improve a little." vs. Android 17
"Someone as strong as you should know when you're completely outclassed." vs. Jiren
"This is the power of trust, Jiren!"
"You're really fun to fight, Broly." vs. Broly (DBS)
"I'll take you on anytime, anywhere. Just say the word, Kefla." vs. Kefla
"Master Roshi, I'm this strong now because of you." vs. Master Roshi


Line Situation
"I've used up all my power..." Down
"Guess that's the best I can do..." K.O.

Results Screen

Line Situation
"I can't give in now. Everyone's counting on me..." Generic
"I won't give up. Too many people are counting on me."
"I'm where I am today because all of my friends."
"Looks like things went well this time..."
"You don't have what it takes to beat me."
"You're just as strong as ever, Vegeta." Allied with Vegeta (Super Saiyan) / Vegeta (SSGSS)
"Thanks, Piccolo. I owe you big time." Allied with Piccolo
"There's no getting around it. You're definitely strong, Frieza." Allied with Frieza
"You really held your own, 18." Allied with Android 18
"I'm glad I got to fight side-by-side with you again, Krilin." Allied with Krillin
"You've really improved, Tien." Allied with Tien
"You've gotten a lot stronger, Gohan." Allied with Gohan (Adult)
"Yo, Hit! Hope you know I'm eventually gonna have that rematch with you." Allied with Hit
"Y'know Lord Beerus, I think I can finally give you more than a good fight now." Allied with Beerus
"You really helped me out, 17." Allied with Android 17
"You push me to get even stronger, Jiren." Allied with Jiren
"Try to calm down, Broly." Allied with Broly (DBS)
"Kefla! D'ya think you can keep up with me now?" Allied with Kefla
"Thanks a lot, Master Roshi." Allied with Master Roshi


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