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This article is about a playable Zamasu who stole Goku's body. For playable fusion Zamasu, click here. To check out the character that's an assist character who happens to be his alternate future-self, click here.

If I were to give it a name that suits your sensibilities, it would be...Rosé. Yes, perfect! Super Saiyan Rosé!
—One of Goku Black's character selection quotes

Goku Black (ゴクウブラック, Gokū Burakku) is a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


Goku Black is actually a Supreme Kai-in-training from Universe 10 named Zamasu takes it upon himself to purge mortals in his misguided effort to protect the multiverse. As part of this plan, he uses the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku, combining the Saiyan hero's immense power with his own godly abilities (such as immortality) so he can carry out the genocide of all mortals as the dark savior, known as "Goku Black". To do so, he enter an alternate future timeline to find alternate future-self, murdering the timeline's Gowasu as he did to his timeline's Gowasu, and able to convince his alternate-self to join his cause, known as "Zero Mortal Plan".

Gameplay Synopsis

Goku Black prefers to do everything with style and grace, befitting his godly status. His moves are stylish and flashy, but very practical. He has some of the best normal attacks in the game, and the tools to adapt to most situations. He can move across the screen with ease and pressure the opponent with his tricky special moves. Menacing, brutal, and unforgiving, for those who wish to punish foes for even the very smallest of mistakes, Goku Black is ready to cleanse them of their sins for you.

Move List

Special Moves:

Super Attacks:


  • In any dialogue spoken against DLC character from the FighterZ Pass 2, Goku Black speaks in a much more gruff tone. This is a reference on how he spoke when he was first introduced in his base form in Dragon Ball Super.
  • He is one of the two villains who stole the main protagonists bodies in the game, chronologically Super Baby 2 being the first before him.
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