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Ta-da! Here I am! The grim reaper of justice, Gotenks!
—Character Selection Quote

Gotenks (ゴテンクス, Gotenkusu) is a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


Gotenks is the result of the Metamoran fusion between Trunks and Goten. Originally, the fusion technique was taught to the children to allow them to combat Majin Buu, and later on Super Buu, however it proved not to be quite enough. After the defeat of Kid Buu, Trunks and Goten occasionally fuse for various reasons, usually not by instruction. Gotenks is cocky and arrogant, and is a child through and through, always feeling the need to fight his foes with style and pizazz. He often performed things such as poses and speeches, and takes time thinking up ridiculously long names for basic attacks, ironically, wasting the short amount of time Gotenks can stay fused.

Gameplay Synopsis

Gotenks is a little unbranded range animal. He gets into the game and just tears it up. He has an extremely large and versatile toolbox, allowing him to fight well in any situation. His assist is incredible, and his move set is fantastic, making him a great pick on almost any team at any position. For anybody looking to make any of your opponent's heads spin with confusion, Gotenks is your type of guy.

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  • While a Super Saiyan 3, the 30 minute time limit for a Metamoran fusion is cut down to around 7 minutes. Considering that each match is 300 seconds, or 5 minutes, Gotenks would, in fact, be able to stay fused for the entire fight.
  • Gotenks is the only non-DLC fighter to break the fourth wall in Dragon Ball FighterZ at the end of a match. He does this by grabbing the camera and tilting it slightly, then moving back and hold up a peace sign while saying one of his victory quotes.
    • Ironically enough, Cooler, one of the two DLC characters to break the fourth wall in this game, does a stunt similar to this, however he doesn't tilt the camera. Rather, he just grabs it so that it faces towards him.
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