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Hell Gate (地獄門) is a Special Move used by Janemba.


Janemba fires a green orb that travels downward and along the ground. The orb passes through projectiles. Pressing the same button that triggered the projectile will cause the orb to explode. Holding Input 8.png causes the orb to descend and travel in the air if Janemba is high enough.


Janemba’s hell gate is a difficult to use but extremely effective tool for both mix-ups and combos. Using Input 214.png Input H.png at full screen, you are able to use a powerful left right mix-up, and given its immense block-stun, it is also viable as a tool to approach your opponent and start a blockstring. An example combo using Hell gate is:

Input 2.pngInput M.png Input 5.pngInput M.png Input 9.png Input M.png  Input 2.pngInput H.png Input 214.pngInput H.png Input 6.pngInput 6.png   Input L.pngInput L.pngInput L.png Input H.png [land] Input L.pngInput L.pngInput L.png Input S.png+Input H.png Input M.pngInput L.pngInput L.png  Input 9.png  Input L.pngInput L.png Input 2.pngInput H.png Input 2.png  Input M.png Input 214.pngInput S.png+Input H.png


Janemba's Special Move List
Special Move(s) Demonic BladeMystical ArmShadow KickHell GateDimensional HolePhantom Shift
Super Attack(s) Rakshasa's ClawSavage Skewer
Meteor Attack(s) Needle Light Shower