Hor d'Oeuvre Stab

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Hor d'Oeuvre Stab is one of Android 21's special moves. By default it is bound to quarter-circle back (214) and light, medium, or heavy attack. It is a knee drop from above. It can be used on the air or on the ground. When used on the ground, Android 21 will very quickly jump into the air before crashing back down. This move deals damage in two hits. The first when the attack connects, and the second when the user and foe reach the ground. It carries a foe with the user if the attack connects. Upon the second hit connecting, the foe will be popped into the air slightly.

The light variant starts up the fastest, does the least damage, and has the fastest recovery. It is a simple overhead strike, that if blocked, will cause 21 to bounce lightly off the foe. The medium variant does more damage, starts up slightly faster, and has a much longer recovery time. Regardless if this move is blocked, she will crash to the ground, causing a shockwave where she lands. The heavy variant costs a half ki meter, starts up quickly, and does the most damage. The hitbox for the shockwave is much larger, and stuns the foe for longer.

This move can be used to end almost all of Android 21's combos, as it brings the foe back to the ground. The medium or heavy variants can connect mid-air after 21 performs her regular aerial ki blast. An assist can be called slightly before the second hit (depending on the assist, timing may vary) to extend a combo further. A super attack can also be performed on it's own to end the combo. Perhaps one of the most unique features of this move is that after a Dragon Rush performed high in the air, the light variant of this move will catch the foe on their way to the ground and allow 21 to continue the combo. She therefore, can combo directly into and out of a Dragon Rush by herself with no need for assists. This ability is very rare. The medium variant will cause 21 to jump over the enemy's head when used in a blockstring. This can easily confused opponents as it happens very quickly. Keep in mind that a foe can easily react to it if they are alert enough.

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