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This article is about Majin Buu. For information about the original form of this character, Kid Buu, click (here)

If you tease Mr. Satan, Buu punish you!
—Character Selection Quote

Majin Buu (魔人ブウ (善), Majin Bū (Zen)) is a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, being one of the first six characters to be shown in the original announcement of the game.


Majin Buu is an ancient creature who brought the universe to its knees before being sealed away on Earth, only to be unleashed by the wicked wizard Babidi. While highly dangerous, Buu was also as innocent as a newborn babe, a fact that Mr. Satan used to help reform him and transform him into a protector of Earth who is friendly to all around him, especially if they come to him with gifts of candy.

Gameplay Synopsis

Majin Buu is an odd specimen. His gameplan is quite unique, and requires a good deal of skill to perform with success. He has some fantastic normal attacks with absurd range, and a bag of tricks to make sure you won't be able to get him off of you. His ability to mix the opponent up is arguably unrivaled. While he is slow and has many gaps in his basic offense, when a little creativity is applied, Majin Buu can be an absolute nightmare.

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  • In the past, Majin Buu was plagued by a simple but egregious problem. His regular, standing light attack would simply miss a majority of the cast if they were crouching. Some smaller character, such as Gohan (Teen), Krillin, Gotenks, and, ironically, Kid Buu would be able to avoid this attack even while standing. However, this move's hitbox was extended downwards so that it would be able to hit even small, crouching characters in the August 8th, 2018 patch.
  • Buu's level three super attack recovers more health than any candy beam in the game by an extremely large margin.
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