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Mystical Arm (無間砕) is a Special Move used by Janemba.


Janemba extends his arm and pushes the opponent to the side of the screen. Causes a sliding knockdown.

The Input L.png variant throw causes a sliding knockdown.

The Input M.png variant grab is stronger and causes a wallbounce on a hit, but a sliding knockdown on hit after a Smash. Has additional frames of startup lag.

The Input H.png variant has properties of the Input M.png variant, but the grab deals more damage and gives a stronger wallbounce on hit, allowing for more follow-ups.



Janemba's Special Move List
Special Move(s) Demonic BladeMystical ArmShadow KickHell GateDimensional HolePhantom Shift
Super Attack(s) Rakshasa's ClawSavage Skewer
Meteor Attack(s) Needle Light Shower