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Niagara Pummel is one of Vegeta (SSGSS)'s level one super attacks. By default it is bound to quarter-circle forward (236) and R1 (L+M). Vegeta will let out a mighty roar and rush forward. If he lands the attack, he will knock the opponent clear into the sky, before bringing them back down with a merciless barrage of punches, which ends with the foe laying in a crater. If the input is held down, Vegeta will not follow up the attack with the barrage of punches, but instead knock the foe far away to the other wall. This move can only be performed on the ground.


  • If Vegeta uses this move against Goku Black, he can be heard reciting the speech he gave to Black when he used this attack on him in the anime. If the foe is foolish enough to not block, and Vegeta follows up with a Final Flash, (As it will not be a true combo) he will continue his rant, telling Black that he is just a Saiyan fake, while he is the real deal.
  • The ability to hold down the input to knock down the foe only has one use. If used against a cornered foe, the wall bounce it produces will carry them over Vegeta, and allows him to follow up off of it. However, the timing for such a combo is extremely tight, and does just as much if not less damage than simply continuing with the super attack as normal. Even from an objective standpoint, there is little to no reason to use this feature.