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Secret Sensation ((極意の体感)) is a counter move used by Goku (Ultra Instinct).


Secret Sensation is a move where Goku will dodge almost everything that gets thrown at him, apart from Levels 1s and Level 3s.


Secret Sensation can be used as a way to start putting pressure on your opponent without having to deal with the neutral game. However, because of it being known as a counter, it is a very risky move to use when you are next to an opponent. Another thing about Secret Sensation is that it cannot be used in the air unlike Goku's level 1 counter, however even though you cannot use the move in the air, the move will still allow you to go behind the opponent when it was successful on getting hit. One last thing to mention is that if you use this move on something like a jab, there is a very high chance that you will be punished by the move.


Goku (Ultra Instinct)'s Special Move List
Normal Attack(s) Secret SensationShining Soul
Special Move(s) Unrestrained WillGodly DisplayAutonomous FistGodly StrikeTranscendenceEmbodied LightUnencumbered MindKamehamehaRising Heat
Super Attack(s) Accelerating Battle SpiritUnpolished InstinctGuiding Impulse
Meteor Attack(s) Silver Dragon Flash