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—Goku Charging The Spirit Bomb

This article is about the special move, Spirit Bomb. For the Super Attack, Super Spirit Bomb, click (here)

Spirit Bomb is one of Goku's special moves. To perform this move, Lend Me Your Energy! must first be used. While on the ground, quarter-circle back and special attack will perform this move. Goku will raise his arms to the sky and collect energy from around the world. Holding the input will cause the attack to be charged up to level two or three. After this is complete, the same input will fire off the Spirit Bomb. If it hits the enemy, they will be captured and shot into the air. The bomb will then explode, launching the foe even higher. The level 3 charge version of this move allows Goku to use Super Spirit Bomb directly afterwards. The level 3 version will always allow Super Spirit Bomb to connect.