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A poster featuring all of the main characters in the three arcs.

Story is the main single-player game mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The mode is accessed from talking to the receptionist located on the left side of the Lobby.


Each playable map in this mode is layered in the shape of a game board. The player controls one character and uses them to move to different spaces on the map. Moving to a different space takes up one turn, and once you've used up all available turns on the map, it's game over and you will have to restart the whole map from the beginning.

Scattered around the map are clone fighters, which are represented by red icons. To battle a clone, the player must move to their tile, which will then preview their equipped skills along with the reward upon victory before commencing the battle. Defeating clones will reward the player with EXP, Zeni, and the listed reward, if any.

At the end of each turn, the clones may level up or another clone can appear on any unoccupied space. Additionally, there's a small chance that a Kid Buu clone will take over a clone's space. A Clone Kid Buu battle is where your team battles Clone Kid Buu, who is much stronger than the clone he has occupied, and is the only one that needs to be defeated to claim victory. Defeating Clone Kid Buu rewards the player with an EXP boost to all characters on the team.

In every map, there is a boss fight which is represented by a purple icon. Most of the bosses are a team of clones, but there is a chance that the boss is another character. Defeating the boss allows the player to move on to the next map. Defeating every team of clones on the map is not required to pass to the next map, only defeating the boss.

Skills are available for the player to use, which can can be used to either enhance all characters on their team, increase the amount of EXP or zeni they earn, reduce the enemy team's level, and many, more. Up to three skills can used at once.

Super Saiyan Goku is the only character available at the start, but just by progressing through each chapter, more characters will be available by rescuing them in certain maps. By leveling up each character, they can get stronger and leveling them up to a certain level will unlock a special event where they talk to the player and comment on either their current progression or about something else.

Available Arcs

These are the three arcs that are available to play.

Available Arcs in Story Mode
Super Warrior Arc.png Enemy Warrior Arc.png Android 21 Arc.png
Super Warrior Arc Enemy Warrior Arc Android 21 Arc

Playable Characters

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