The Super Dash is one of the techniques usable by every combatant in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Ki-based flight consists of culminating one's energy beneath them and pressing up on their body in the desired direction, like an invisible balloon beneath the user, or a helicopter pressing air against the ground. In the game, pressing R2 (S+H) will perform this action. It will also be used if the heavy attack button is pressed after a down (2) and heavy attack or after an auto-combo. The user will fly at the opponent, homing in on them. This action can be performed on the air or on the ground, however, can only be used once in the air. To use it again, the player must first touch the ground. This action will be used automatically when a Dragon Rush is used to begin a combo. Once this action has started, it cannot be cancelled, so take caution. The dash will go to great lengths to track the foe, and can cause some very strange movement. It is possible for the dash to miss under extremely odd circumstances. While in flight, all basic projectiles will be batted away, as if being reflected. Upon hitting the foe, it will deal a very minuscule amount of damage, however, the foe can not be knocked out from the damage this move does, instead leaving them with a single point of health left. After the dash, follow-ups can be performed. This move is not incredibly safe on block, and a player may be punished if it does not connect. As every grounded down (2) and heavy attack in the game cleanly beats any aerial attack, a somewhat well timed down and heavy attack will counter this move easily. Despite being an aerial move, this action can be blocked while crouching. Be cautious when using this move. A Super Dash will be performed when a tag is performed.


  • Flight has had an odd history in Dragon Ball. In the original, it was stated that it was a technique only members of the Crane School could learn. However, later, at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, it is shown that both Goku and Piccolo have learned to fly as well. Raditz, a warrior from space, could also fly. From that point forward practically every major character in the Dragon Ball franchise has been able to fly, excluding Master Roshi.
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