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Super God Shock Flash (超神閃撃) is a Special Move used by Goku (SSGSS).


Performs a two-part attack where he first extends both index and middle fingers outward, and then warps forward and does a gut punch. The first stage is a grab while the second stage is an attack.

The Input L.png variant stays in place and does the atatck. If the grab whiffs, he does a short ranged punch as follow-up. On hit, both the grab and punch knock the opponent almost a fullscreen away.

The Input M.png variant attack is solely a grab where Goku teleports a short distance forward. The gut punch causes a wallbounce on Smash hit.

The Input H.png variant attack is a mixture of both the Input L.png and Input M.png versions, with Goku warping forward to perform the grab and teleports slightly ahead for the gut punch. Causes a wallbounce on Smash hit.


Use the H variant to get a crit and strong attack then follow up with what ever


Goku (SSGSS)'s Special Move List
Special Move(s) Divine Void StrikeSuper God Shock FlashDragon Flash KickInstant Transmission
Super Attack(s) Extreme Speed Kamehameha
Meteor Attack(s) x10 Kaioken KamehamehaEvolved Attack