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—Android 18 calling in Android 17

Support Attack (サポートアタック) is a Special Move used by Android 18.


Android 18 flips her hair and calls in her brother, Android 17 who appears and attacks the opponent.


  • Ground: Android 17 rushes forward and knees forward, popping the foe slightly into the air.
  • Aerial: Android 17 performs an upward kick that knocks the foe skywards.


  • Ground: Android 17 rushes forward and does a series of three attacks. The third attack will not be performed the second attack misses or is blocked. Even so, blocking this move keeps the foe locked down for a significant amount of time.
  • Aerial: Android 17 drops from the sky and hit the opponent twice. The second hit will knock the foe downwards.


Android 17 appears behind Android 18 and warns the opponent not to call for assistance. If the opponent attempts to call upon a Z-Assist or tries to tag out into another character, Android 17 will appear above them and hit them with an extremely powerful energy wave.


  • Ground: Android 17 appears behind Android 18 and fires three energy blasts at the opponent.
  • Aerial: Android 17 appears and forms a barrier, nullifies any attacks that hit it.



Android 18's Special Move List
Special Move(s) Back GrappleSupport AttackDestructo-DiscBarrier
Super Attack(s) Energy Wave
Meteor Attack(s) Accel Dance