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I'll show you the pride of a martial artist!
—Character Selection Quote

Tien Shinhan (天津飯, Tenshinhan) is a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


Tien Shinhan is an Earthling with three eyes who first appeared in Dragon Ball as a vicious fighter without mercy, showing extreme skill and martial arts prowess. After abandoning the teachings of the Crane School, he helped Goku defeat King Piccolo. He is most likely the strongest human in the world, as Krillin has fallen off of martial arts. Together with his best friend Chiaotzu, he has proved to be an extremely stoic and reliable member of the Z-Fighters. After the Cell Games, Tien disappeared for a long time, reappearing to save Dende and Hercule from Majin Buu. He is a courageous warrior, always pushing himself to test his limits, and be the strongest he can be. He regularly takes on foes that are far more powerful than him, to force him to reach his breaking point, and push beyond it.

Gameplay Synopsis

Tien is a fantastic anchor for any team and does his job well. His moves allow him to finish opponents more reliably than any other character in the game, allowing him to clean up any match. His biggest crutch is also his biggest weakness, however, as all three of his incredible super attacks come with a price. Anybody looking to make a valiant last stand or to burn through lots of ki very quickly for massive damage, Tien is a wonderful choice. Heroic, serious, and valiant, Tien is a true warrior.

Storymode Biography

Move Set

Special Moves:

Super Attacks:

  • Tri-Beam: Tien fires a powerful energy wave in the shape of a triangle. It deals 1000 damage to the user.
  • Neo Tri-Beam: Tien fires a more powerful version of the Tri-Beam. As long as more ki meters are used, pressing the button repeatedly or holding the button down will fire consecutive blasts. Each blast damages the user more than the last.
  • Farewell, Tien: Chiaotzu flies in and self destructs while grappled onto the opponent. This move can only be used once in the same battle. After this move connects, Tien will no longer have access to Telekinesis.



  • Tien, Frieza, Android 16, and Captain Ginyu are the only four characters who can damage themselves.
  • Tien is the only character who's announcer voice clip changes depending on the system language as he's called "Tien" in English and "Tien Shinhan" in Japanese.
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