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Total Detonation Ball is one of Android 21's special moves. By default it is bound to quarter-circle forward (236) and light, medium, or heavy attack. This move can only be performed on the ground. It is a simple, spherical projectile that travels quickly across the screen. It is a true projectile that can not be Super Dashed through, and clashes evenly with other true projectiles such as the Kamehameha.

The light variant causes Android 21 to throw the ball straight forward across the screen. The medium variant causes her to angle the ball upwards at a somewhat shallow angle. It does the same amount of damage. It is useful for catching people who tend to jump backwards from the round start position. The light variant is Android 21's Z-Assist.

The heavy variant starts up a bit quicker and causes the projectile to move ever so slightly faster. It does not do more damage, so this move would seem useless, as it costs a half meter of ki to perform. However, for each move 21 absorbs with Connoisseur Cut, this move grows much more powerful. For each of the four absorption slots that are filled, this move will do a drastic amount more damage, and grow to a much larger size, as seen in the image displayed in the infobox. If she has absorbed four moves, this attack does a devastating amount of damage. This is also how she is able to refresh her absorbed moves. Using the heavy variant will essentially expel all the absorbed energy from her, plus some of her own power put into the attack. When used it will get rid of all current absorbed moves, allowing new ones to be stolen.