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Transcendence (爆ぜる感性) is a Special Move used by Goku (Ultra Instinct).


Goku leaps forward and binds the opponent with one arm. On contact, Goku moves around the opponent, and surrounds them with four ki spheres before blasting them away. Grants Goku invincibility frames during the jump.


This move cannot hit airborne opponents, even during mid-combos, so don’t use this in aerial.

Use to avoid some attacks


Goku (Ultra Instinct)'s Special Move List
Normal Attack(s) Secret SensationShining Soul
Special Move(s) Unrestrained WillGodly DisplayAutonomous FistGodly StrikeTranscendenceEmbodied LightUnencumbered MindKamehamehaRising Heat
Super Attack(s) Accelerating Battle SpiritUnpolished InstinctGuiding Impulse
Meteor Attack(s) Silver Dragon Flash