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Z Assists (almost always simply called just simply 'an assist') is a universal mechanic available to all combatants in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Every character has a move that be called upon whilst they are on the sidelines. It has been shown that in Season 3, every character will have three moves to choose from before the battle begins. The characters can be called by pressing either the Input A1.png or Input A2.png buttons, with the former calling upon the character set second on the team and the latter calling the third character. Holding said buttons will instead perform a Z-Change to said character. Calling an assist causes a character to appear, perform their assist move, and disappear.

Every character has three assists that can be selected before a match. A and B type assists are both unique but overall normal assists. The C type assists are much more powerful, but the recharge time is much longer. Furthermore, keep in mind that your assists will not recharge if you have kept the opponent in blockstun for a long amount of time. They will start to recharge a short while after the opponent is no longer being pressured.

Every assist has an incredibly important role on a team. They are used to keep pressure on an opponent, to fill in holes in a character's blockstrings, and to allow combos to be extended to incredible lengths. Upon calling an assist, there is a short amount of time, which varies depending on the character, before the move will be performed. Be wary. It is possible for an opponent to hit said assisting character, and cause them to disappear without performing the assist move. Or, even worse, they might be stuck in a combo with the character currently fighting. In extreme circumstances, they can even be knocked out. Assists take more damage as assists than they would up front.

List of Z Assists

Character Z Assist A Z Assist B Z Assist C
Goku (Super Saiyan) Kamehameha Flurry Kick Dragon Storm
Vegeta (Super Saiyan) Consecutive Energy Blast Super Dash Kick Crushing Knee Kick
Piccolo Homing Energy Blast Demon Shocker Demon Slicer
Gohan (Teen) Super Dragon Flight Masendan Flying Kick
Frieza Death Slash You might not survive this time Psychokinesis
Captain Ginyu Strong Jersey We are the Ginyu Force! Strong Mixer
Trunks Change the Future Masenko Flurry Slash
Cell Kamehameha Shoulder Tackle Perfect Attack
Android 18 Barrier Destructo-Disc Support Attack
Gotenks Galactic Donuts Miracle Super Punch Vengeful Shout
Krillin Senzu Bean Kamehameha Solar Flare
Kid Buu Arm Ball Mystic Ball Attack Kamehameha
Majin Buu Sweeping Breath Fat Throw Cartwheel
Nappa Blazing Storm Too bad Deluxe Bomber
Android 16 Hell Heat Hell Impact Hyper Tackle
Yamcha Wolf Fang Fist Kamehameha Wolf Fang Fist: Pack Attack
Tien Dodon Ray Telekinesis Volleyball Fist
Gohan (Adult) Jet Uppercut Machine Gun Punch Masenko
Hit Guard Breaker Instant Blow Time Release
Goku (SSGSS) Dragon Flash Fist Divine Void Strike Instant Transmission
Vegeta (SSGSS) Big Bang Attack Infinity Breaker Super Dash Kick
Beerus Sphere of Destruction God of Destruction's Rampage God of Destruction's Wrath
Goku Black Black Kamehameha Godly Severance Fierce God Kick
Android 21 Total Detonation Ball Hors d-Oeuvre Stab Snack Time
Goku Energy Shockwave Everyone, lend me your energy! Kamehameha
Vegeta Energy Cutter Super Dash Kick Dirty Fireworks
Broly Eraser Blow Machine Gun Shot Lariat Express
Zamasu (Fused) DIvine Order Eternal Justice Divine Authority
Bardock Rebellion Spear Tyrant Lancer Rebellion Combination
Vegito (SSGSS) Split Finger Shot Spiral Heel Shot Spirit Sword
Android 17 Reverse Gear Power Blitz Charge Accel Driver
Cooler Death Breaker Genocidal Uppercut Death Crasher
Jiren Infinity Rush Grand Charge Flash Fist
Videl Videl Rush Eagle Rush Rising Eagle
Goku (GT) Kamehameha Dragon Flash Fist Power Pole
Janemba Phantom Assault Demonic Blade Hellblade Flurry
Gogeta (SSGSS) Super Dash Kick Rising Vortex Galick Gun
Broly (DBS) Raging Quake Eraser Blow Blaster Cannon
Kefla Super Cannonball Mighty Kick Gigantic Breaker
Goku (Ultra Instinct) Rising Heat Kamehameha Unrestrained Will